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De Vriendschap

Rederij de Vriendschap is a unique cruise company and ferry service in the north of Texel near De Cocksdorp. You board via the sturdy self-built jetty from the beach. Rederij de Vriendschap offers day trips between Texel and Vlieland, unique seal trips in the Eierlandsche Gat and mudflat excursions. The tours In addition to seal trips and mudflat excursions, the shipping company also offers day trips between Texel and Vlieland in high season. The seal tours are in the most beautiful nature reserve in Europe, according to Rederij de Vriendschap. De Vriendschap is the only passenger ship to sail around this unique part of the Northern Wadden Sea. Thanks to the tranquility of the area and the high, steep sandbanks, large groups of seals like to crawl on the dried up flats, to enjoy the sun and rest. They are familiar with the blue silhouette of De Vriendschap and the ship can approach the animals up close. The area The area, UNESCO World Heritage, is special and incredibly beautiful. This way you can see far and at low tide you can see many seals on the sandbanks. Did you know that this area is the only place near Texel where really large groups of seals can still be seen? Do you want to be sure to see seals? The Robbentocht has a 100% seal guarantee. The trip takes about 75 minutes. You can always contact the sailor for questions.


Volharding 2a

1795 LH De Cocksdorp

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