Vorst op helmgras in de winter fotograaf Gosse Kruger VVV Texel

Accommodations with a firework free policy on Texel

Many people feel that fireworks are just as much a part of New Year’s Eve as oliebollen, champagne and the New Year’s TV specials. Fireworks are lit on New Year's Eve on Texel. The idea of spending New Year’s Eve with less fireworks is gaining in popularity – but where do you go to escape from “Super Strikes” and other bangers?

Fireworks-free overnight accommodation

More than 20 holiday parks, hotels, holiday cottages and bed & breakfasts around the island have a firework-free policy. This means that no fireworks may be lit on the premises of the accommodation. Keep in mind that fireworks are spread throughout the island and close to. Below is a list of all accommodations with a firework free policy:

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