Texel’s first 360-degree video

Today is the day: the launch of the first 360-degree video of Texel! Over the last few months, a lot of hard work has gone into making it and we are very proud of the result.


Part of the holiday fun is looking forward to your break or reliving your wonderful memories of your favourite holiday island at home. From now on you can do so with our 360-degree videos. Next year, several more videos will be made of well-known Texel sights. Until then, here is the first video of, what else, the ferry.

All aboard the ferry

Discover the ferry crossing from Den Helder to Texel as if you were there. Watch the cars board, stroll through the lounge, feed the seagulls or take a look around the engine room and, all the way at the top of the ferry, the pilothouse. These two areas are normally off-limits to passengers so this video gives you a unique glimpse of what goes on here.

[[cbVideo? &video=`https://youtu.be/UyKk6D_-jEY` ]]

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