De 12 Balcken vooraanzicht pand VVV Texel

The Wadden islands’ best bar

This week, De 12 Balcken, a pub on Texel, was awarded ninth place on the Misset Horeca 'Café Top 100', making it the Wadden islands’ best bar.

Top performance

Misset Horeca praises this pub in Den Burg for its ''inviting bar, wide range of beers on tap and its 120 bottled beers.'' The announcement ends by saying that De 12 Balcken is “a force to be reckoned with''.

Popular on Texel

De 12 Balcken has been a popular destination on the island since 1975 and one person you'll always see there is its owner, Co Vermue. In 2016, the bar achieved 12th place and has now risen through the ranks to reach the Top 10 this year.

127 different beers

De 12 Balcken stocks a huge range of beers. The bar always has seven beers on tap and 120 bottled beers too. It has a qualified beer sommelier and beer tastings are organised on a regular basis as well.

Coming home

Islanders and tourists alike love the warm and welcoming bar on the Weverstraat. Everyone feels at home there straight away, because of its authentic atmosphere. De 12 Balcken is open for lunch, dinner, coffees and beer from 10.00 hours every day.

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