The Wadden Sea region: the Netherlands’ loveliest wildlife area!

The Netherlands’ loveliest wildlife area!

De Wadden has been elected the Netherlands’ loveliest wildlife area! Almost 90,000 people cast their votes and an overwhelming majority of them voted for De Wadden. Taking second and third place were De Veluwe and Hollandse Duinen National Park, while the jury gave the wild card to NLDelta Biesbosch-Haringvliet. All these areas will receive a EUR 300,000 contribution from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Joeri Lamers, a forest ranger at De Wadden, comments: “Everyone should go walking on De Wadden’s mudflats at least once in their life. That’s why we’re going to use this prize to educate people about our natural surroundings and wildlife. We hope that as many children as possible discover De Wadden.”

The Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea region is the Netherlands’ largest wildlife area and comprises a peerless wilderness: the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea has already been designated as a world-class wildlife area and was awarded a Natural World Heritage status by UNESCO in 2009. The play of the tide shapes this ever-changing natural landscape and wildlife habitat. The rare plants and animals that live and grow here are both strong and vulnerable due to the specific conditions of the Wadden Sea region. Each year, six million birds use the mudflats to fill up on food during their migration.

Explore De Wadden!

De Wadden belongs to all of us. Here, residents of, and visitors to, De Wadden find that all their senses are tingling all the time.

Come and enjoy the cleanest beaches, the most charming landscapes, real silence and extremely dark nights — explore De Wadden. Book your holiday now!

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