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Walvisvaardershuisje (whaler's house)

For many years, whale hunters lived in 't Walvisvaarders Huisje (the little whalers' house) in Den Hoorn and the house, which is very well preserved, makes three centuries of history almost tangible.

Zaans blue and apple-blossom pink:

Very little has changed to the interior of this house since the young captain of a whaling ship, Klaas Jacobsz Daalder, his wife Marritje and their children called it home in 1729. Visitors will notice the Zaans blue of the living room, the apple-blossom pink of the back room and the kitchen with its unusual fireplace. The house contains cupboard beds, household items from former times and 18th-century tiles from Harlingen. Tours and talks are held regularly at 't Walvisvaarders Huisje.

The Texel whaling industry: In the 18th century,

Texel whalers also operated in the region of the North Pole. In fact, no less than 719 trips left from Texel to the far North, and we know of 75 captains from Texel who worked in the whaling industry. Klaas Jacobsz Daalder went on 20 of those journeys and earned a pretty penny, which he spent on household goods. He also lent much of his money to other Texel residents.

The occupants:

This house is unusual in that 't Walvisvaarders Huisje is still used by a family as a weekend and holiday home. The current occupants sleep in the cupboard beds, just as Klaas Jacobsz Daalder and his family did nearly 300 years ago. 


What Walvisvaardershuisje (whaler's house)
Where Herenstraat 49, Den Hoorn
Open End of April - October

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