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Den Hoorn

The southernmost village on Texel is Den Hoorn. It can often already be seen from Den Helder. Den Hoorn is quietly situated, surrounded by nature. Are you coming to spend your vacation here? Then the tips below will be useful to you.

Special village

Den Hoorn is characterised by cosy little streets where many artists live. And, it is home to the most photographed object on Texel: the famous Reformed church. The white tower, which is beautifully lit in the evening, can be seen all the way from the ferry. In the spring, Den Hoorn is surrounded by colourful bulb fields. Beautiful right?

Colourful bulb fields

Exploring the local bulb fields by bike in the spring is a real must. From the village, you can also go for a lovely walk around the fields. But Den Hoorn has lots to offer in terms of art and culture too.

Texel theatre

Did you know that Texel has its own theatre? Theater-restaurant De Toegift. Both famous and less famous artists regular perform here. And cabaret artists like Jochem Myjer have their try-outs at this theatre. The dinner-cabarets at Klif12 are a typical Texel must-do experience: a colourful mix of delicious food and hilarious entertainment. Den Hoorn boasts a wide range of great culinary options. Restaurant Bij Jef even has a Michelin star!

Art & culture

Do you like art? Den Hoorn is known as the artists’ village of Texel. It boasts several galleries with work by ‘old Texel masters’ such as Ad Blok van der Velden, but you can also find modern works of art here. Every year arround June, the village pulls out all the stops during Texel CultuurEiland culture month.

Texel CultuurEiland and other events

Many special events are organised in June. The Klifhanger exhibition, for instance: in and around the village, Texel artists create works of art that are in keeping with the location. Broadway, a festival where artists perform in the living rooms of the villagers, takes place every two years. And during Jazz on the Waves, you can enjoy high-quality music. In short: plenty to do!

Accommodation in and around Den Hoorn

Den Hoorn borders on National Park Duinen van Texel and the beach is nearby. So there is more than enough to see and do to warrant a longer stay! A warm welcome awaits you at Den Hoorn’s hotels, apartments, holiday homes and camp sites.

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