Juttersplank strandpaviljoen Kaap Noord VVV Texel

Recipe: Juttersplank of Strandpaviljoen Kaap Noord

With a Texel drink in your hand, enjoy the view over the sea and take a bite from the Juttersplank... Do you long for this moment again? We are allowed to share with you the recipe of the Juttersplank from Strandpaviljoen Kaap Noord. So that you can also make a delicious tapas board at home and recall holiday memories.

The chef at Strandpaviljoen Kaap Noord uses as many Texel ingredients as possible for the Beachcomber Shelf. Do you not have this at home? Then you can replace the ingredients with products that are available close to your home.

Juttersplank strandpaviljoen Kaap Noord VVV Texel
Photographer: Strandpaviljoen Kaap Noord

You will need

  • Freshly baked (baguette) bread from Timmer de echte bakker
  • 2 or 3 dips for the bread (for example, herb butter, aioli, tapenade, tuna salad or old cheese salad) from Smakelijk & Meer
  • Snacks such as smoked salmon, fried prawns, stir-fried mussels, carpaccio and dry sausage
  • Diced cheese, such as aged cheese and blue cheese
  • Dates
  • Peppadew peppers
  • Tapas board or a large plate
  • Small dishes or trays
  • Butter knives

To make the dish:

Place all the ingredients as nicely as possible on the tapas board or on the plate. Also place snacks in a bowl or tray to make the board a little more playful. Cape North Beach Pavilion always uses a combination of fish, meat, cheese and vegetarian snacks for sufficient variety. Serve the board with a glass of beer or wine. Tip from Strandpaviljoen Kaap Noord: serve a beer from Tesselaar Familiebrouwerij Diks.

You just have to remember the view of the beach and the sea ;-) Or put the photo below enlarged on your laptop or television while enjoying the beachcombing plank.


Uitzicht met wijnglazen bij Strandpaviljoen Kaap Noord VVV Texel
Photographer: Strandpaviljoen Kaap Noord

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