February: first spring birds on Texel

In February you can still marvel at various winter birds, but the first spring birds are already arriving on the island!

Birds in February

The chance of a severe winter in February is now quite small, and that is beneficial for many birds. Mind you, icy conditions do make it easier to watch certain birds. At the pumping stations along the Wadden dike, there are often large numbers of ducks, such as goldeneye and goosander ducks.

At freezing temperatures, other birds such as the goosander duck can also be spotted on the Wadden Sea. With more severe frost, this bird prefers the sea.

At the Waalenburg nature reserve you can also find many ruffs. They sometimes stay here until late spring. The males then display their splendid collars — a fantastic sight!

First spring birds

If a real winter spell stays at bay, you can expect to see the first spring birds on Texel as of mid February! You can then see the first godwits in the Waalenburg. In the second half of February, we also expect to see the return of the spoonbills to the island.

As the days become longer, the birds start to sing again. Enjoy the wonderful singing of the song thrush in the Dennen or the Krimbos. And during a walk in the dunes, you can listen to the woodlarks.

Bird excursions

Would you also like to marvel at the birds on Texel? Why not go on a bird excursion? Various excursions are available, for example at the Vogelinformatiecentrum where you can also rent binoculars.

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