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Tip: 3 courses of delicious winter food

When the first frost has been and gone, we won’t be surprised if you’re hungry for a proper winter meal. On Texel, we enjoy the most delicious home-grown and home-made products all year round. Even in winter, you can sample our regional dishes, local to Texel, on the largest Wadden island. We’d like to share some inspiration with you!

Our first course: Oysters straight from the mud

Experts claim that when the temperature of the sea drops below 12 degrees, Texel oysters are at their best. There are plenty of oysters in the Wadden Sea. If you walk over the mudflats at low tide and take a good look at the thick layer of mud, you’ll see their large shells sticking out of it. You are allowed to collect as much as 10 kilos. Rinse them well and then open them. Once you have got the hang of it, it’s no trouble at all!

Would you rather dine on oysters in the harbour of Oudeschild? That is possible at The Old Fish Market or book a table at ’t Pakhuus seafood restaurant. You can also eat oysters on the beach at for example Paal 15 Texel.

Our main course: Texel lamb

Since the thirties of the last century, Texel lamb has been the main speciality of Wadden Island Texel. Texel lambs are allowed to wander freely, spending more then 100 days in their meadows, and you can certainly taste that goodness in the meat’s tenderness and rich flavour.

Try the grilled lamb's leg with homemade gravy at Brasserie de Lindeboom or a marsala braised lamb shank at Brasserie de Coninck van Poolen. Slightly less known but highly recommended is the slow cooked shoulder of lamb stew , at tavern De 12 Balcken this dish is fixed on the menu. Delicious with a Texel bock beer!

You can buy genuine Texel lamb from the butchers listed below, among others:

With your coffee

A hearty dram is very good for chasing away the winter chills. So, why not try a real Texels Juttertje with your coffee or our yummy Texel Vodka made by Stokerij Texel? They’re just the thing for warming you up after a wintry walk along the beach!

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