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Renting bikes

Texel has many places where you can hire a bike so you can go off and explore the island by bike. Most villages have bike rental shops, many of which have tandems and electric bikes available for hire as well as ordinary bikes. There is also a large selection of bikes for children, bikes with child seats and “cabbies”, which have a seat on front for two children and an attachment for a baby seat – perfect for bike rides with small children. Bikes can be rented by the day and by the week. 

Online reservations

To be sure there are bikes available, it can be useful to reserve them in advance. Most bike rental services have websites where you can arrange the bike of your choice online. We recommend reserving bikes particularly in the summer and during school holidays so that you are assured of a bike on your arrival.

Good service

Our bike rental shops have some practical services, such as delivering the bikes to your accommodation. The bike rental shop will make sure that the bikes are ready when you arrive at your holiday accommodation. And if your bike gets a puncture, or runs into other trouble, most bike rental shops will collect the bike and bring a replacement for you – all you need to do is ring them.

The addresses of all the bike rental services are listed under Businesses.


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