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Mudflat walks

Texel is the largest Wadden Island. Due to the tide of the tide, the bottom on the Wadden side of the island is drying up. The time to take to the mudflats under the guidance of a guide. Experience nature!

There is a lot of life in the mud

A wade excursion on Texel starts from the Waddendijk. Together with a guide you make a special trip on the bottom of the sea. Along the way you will see shellfish, sea birds and enjoy the unique nature of the Wadden Sea area. A wading excursion is beautiful, but not too difficult. You just sink into the mud regularly and you have to be careful not to lose your shoes!

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A visit to Texel is not possible without a wading excursion. Walking on the bottom of the sea is a special experience. Together with an experienced guide you will learn everything about life in the sea (bottom). Ecomare, center for the Wadden Sea and North Sea, and Natuurmonumenten organizes wade excursions on Texel. Our tip: bring warm clothes and good footwear. Book now!


What Mudflat walks
Where At the dike construction near De Cocksdorp
For those from 7 years
Duration 2 hours
Costs € 21,50,- Under 12 years € 8,-

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