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Scenic flights

Many people have had their first experience of flying on Texel, as Texel has its own airfield: Texel International Airport in the northern part of the island, some 5 kilometres from De Koog. The airport was opened in 1937 and KLM would fly day-trippers to Texel. During and immediately after the Second World War, the airfield fell out of use, only to be reopened again in 1952. At present, the airfield is used for flights around the island, flights for parachute jumps and by private pilots.

See Texel from the air!

Tessel Air organises flights round the island for people of all ages, offering trips that last 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. For a brief time, you will be allowed at the controls while the pilot tells you about the sights you can see from above, such as the lighthouse, the various villages and the fishing harbour at Oudeschild. And if you're lucky, you might even see the large group of seals that live on the sandbanks to the north of Texel.

Round trips in winter

Tessel Air is opened daily from April to October; if you would like to book a flight in the winter season, please contact us on the telephone well in advance. 

What Scenic flights
Where Postweg 128, De Cocksdorp
Costs starting from € 49,50 p.p.

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