Stel wandelt door de duinen bij de vuurtoren VVV Texel Fotograaf Justin Sinner

Explore the outdoors: 5 walking tips

Texel is a walkers’ paradise. With such a varied landscape, there are all kinds of walks to choose from. We’ve lined up five trail tips for you.

1. Discover dune valleys in De Hors

De Hors is a nature reserve at the southernmost tip of Texel. In this vast stretch of coastal plain, nature still runs wild. You can see how new dunes develop here and enjoy breathtaking views along the sweeping coastline! Start this walk on Mokweg (path between the two small Horsmeertjes lakes) or pick it up on the beach at post 9. Read more about nature in the south of Texel.

2. Spot the Konik horses

Konikpaarden VVV Texel fotograaf Ingrid de Boer
Konikpaarden VVV Texel fotograaf Ingrid de Boer
Photographer: Ingrid de Boer

Did you know that Konik horses also graze in the wild on Texel? A group of stallions originally come from the Oostvaardersplassen, but they have been transferred to Texel. They mainly walk in De Slufter and therefore have plenty of space. This area extends as far as the Krimweg near Paal 28. Walkers are also welcome in these areas. However, it is recommended not to feed them and keep your distance.

3. Explore a unique pine forest

A lovely starting point for a walk through De Dennen recreational forest is the Fonteinsnol lookout tower. From the top, you have a splendid view over the sea and much of the island. The forest also offers a 1.5 km kids’ trail, the Sommeltjespad, which starts on Pelikaanweg near De Koog.

4. Check out Texel’s highest ‘mountain’

De Hoge Berg – Dutch for ‘the high mountain’ – is a nature reserve between Den Burg and Oudeschild known for its traditional sod banks and sheep sheds. We’ve created a 6.5 km walking trail that takes you through the best this landscape has to offer. Download the free route description here.

5. Walk through De Muy and De Slufter

De Muy and De Slufter nature reserves are two absolute must-sees! De Muy is a young dune area with beautiful sand formations and steep slopes. De Slufter is a unique area directly connected to the North Sea. Want to find out about the best spots in these reserves? Download the free Zoet & Zout walking route (10 km) here.

Keen to explore the outdoors in Texel? Check out all of our walking routes here!

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