Romantisch wandelen door De Slufter VVV Texel fotograaf Justin Sinner

Hiking tips from VVV Texel employees

The staff at VVV Texel are real locals, who give every visitor information about the island. They know the most beautiful walks on Texel like no other. Read 3 hiking tips from our employees here:

1. Discover De Hors and De Slufter

Yvonne de Vroede is office manager at VVV Texel. Her hiking tip: "when we get press visits, I often advise journalists to go for a walk across De Hors or through De Slufter. De Hors is the vast expanse of beach in the south of Texel, near the ferry port. It’s actually more of a sandbar that is constantly growing. Here, you can experience the birth of young dunes live.

De Slufter is a unique nature reserve because the sea flows into it at very high tides. Only ‘salt-loving’ plants that can survive sea water such as sea lavender and sea aster grow here. Their stunning colour nuances make De Slufter look like a living painting all year round."

2. Walk the Texelpad

Erna Hin works in the front office, she loves long-distance walk. According to her, the Texelpad is definitely worth it: "the Texelpad walking trail is varied; it runs through fields, woods, dunes and Hoge Berg. One of my favourite parts of this walk is the bit through De Bollekamer dune area. And the Eierland dunes. And let’s not forget, the little dike near Den Hoorn which joins De Grie."

3. Walk along Texel’s garden embankments on Hoge Berg

Nicolette Dapper works in the front office. In her lunch break, she always crosses the road to go for a walk across Hoge Berg. Nicolette's hiking tip: "I find Hoge Berg very beautiful, with all those narrow paths running between the typical Texel garden embankments. I absolutely love all that wide open space. At the same time, you can see something different around every little corner. There are sheep barns and grazing sheep, cows and horses."

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