Wandelen in De Slufter VVV Texel fotograaf Justin Sinner

Walks in wildlife areas

Enjoying nature is best done on foot. Texel has a large number of nature reserves with great hiking opportunities. Beautiful walking routes run through these areas.

Just some of the walking routes available

The Alloo nature path
This path is a great way to discover the nature that the Texel dunes have to offer. It's also a good option for anyone with a disability. View the route for the Alloo nature path.

De Mient
The Mient woodland area in today's Dunes of Texel National Park used to be a wet heathland that had been set aside for common use. Livestock roamed there and the heathland was dug up and used as a form of fuel. Later, meadows were created and woodland planted on this ’waste land’. See the walking route through De Mient.

Eierland can be found in the most northern part of Texel. The area consists of two different landscapes: the Eierland Dunes, part of the National Park, and the Eierland Polder. See the walking routes possible through Eierland.

De Dennen
The biggest wood on Texel - De Dennen - was planted by the Dutch forestry commission (Staatsbosbeheer) in the 20th century. See the walking routes possible through De Dennen.

De Geul and De Bollekamer
Very few places in the Dunes of Texel National Park are as varied as the De Geul and Bollekamer dunes. See the walking routes possible through De Geul and De Bollekamer.

Other walking routes through nature reserves can be found in the Eilandroutes booklet and on the map of Texel.

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