Zwembad en speelterrein op camping Loodsmansduin in Den Hoorn VVV Texel

Holiday homes with swimming pools

Relaxing, recharging your batteries after the hustle and bustle as well as enjoying each other’s company – that’s what holidays are all about!

Going for a swim while holidaying on Texel

There are plenty of opportunities for a refreshing dip on Texel. Whether you like swimming in the sea or if a pool is more to your taste, Texel has it all.
Texel’s western shore is one long beach and the sea along most stretches is safe for swimming. There are lifeguards on the busiest sections in the summer season, ensuring it is safe for anyone venturing into the water.
Even if you don’t like swimming in the sea, or you visit Texel in the winter, there are still plenty of places to swim. Why not rent a holiday home with a pool?

Holiday homes with a pool

What could be more luxurious than your very own swimming pool next to your accommodation? VVV Texel has the largest selection of holiday homes with swimming pools. You can choose from holiday homes with communal swimming pools to holiday homes with a private pool, while some of the hotels and campsites also have swimming pools. In fact, it doesn’t matter which you choose: on Texel, you can’t go wrong. Come and discover that real holiday feeling with a splash!

Swimming pools on Texel

As well as the holiday homes, hotels and campsites with swimming pools, Texel also boasts a subtropical leisure pool and outdoor swimming pool. These outdoor pools are open to the public meaning visitors can swim as much as they like, all year round.

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