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@texel app

Going on holiday to Texel? Then download the free @texel app! In it you will find dozens of vouchers for discounts or a nice extra at entrepreneurs on Texel.

How does the app work?

You can download our app for free from the App Store (iPhones) or Play Store (Android devices). After a brief explanation, vouchers from entrepreneurs on Texel will appear, which can be used immediately. Upon showing the voucher, you can take advantage of the benefit at the provider. Before using the app, check out the terms and conditions.


Do you log in with your My Texel account? Then dozens of additional vouchers will appear in the app! For people who have booked a holiday via our website, the full, even more extensive voucher offer will be visible during this holiday.

Please note: if you are a newsletter subscriber, you do not automatically have a My Texel account. You must therefore create this first.

What kind of vouchers are in the app?

In the app you will find vouchers from lots of different Texel entrepreneurs. The offers vary throughout the year. Some examples:

And lots more!

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