Molen het Noorden waddendijk met schapen VVV Texel

Texel Weather Forecast

What is the weather like on Texel and, more importantly, the coming days? Below you can see the weather forecast for today and the next days. In collaboration with Buienradar, we present a daily forecast here. That will give you some direction for packing warm or airy clothing for your stay!

The most sunshine on Texel

Are you a sun worshipper and are you wondering where in the Netherlands the sun shines the most? We advice you to spend your holiday on Texel! On the Waddenislands, the sun shines the most in our country. Texel has on average 2046 sun hours per year, the east part of the country only has 1500 sun hours. The main difference is during spring and early summer. Do you also opt for a sunny stay on Texel?

Why does the sun shine the most over Texel?

Because there are mainly westerly winds, the clouds are easily chased from the relatively narrow coast line. The statistics say that May is the sunniest month in the Netherlands.

Sunniest place of the Netherlands

The largest chance you have on sun shine is at the ferry between Den Helder and Texel. Statistics from the KNMI show that the south point of Texel and the north point of North- Holland have the most sun hours. The relatively cold seawater makes that, especially in spring, less clouds develop , while in the inland cumulus clouds appear.

Come join us for fun in the sun!

Do you love the sun and gorgeous weather? Then Texel is the place to spend your next holiday. At VVV Texel, we have the widest range of accommodation on Texel. You are bound to find your dream accommodation here. So what are you waiting for? Check out our accommodation options now.

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