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The best bird-watching locations on Texel

The island is home to many nature reserves, bird sanctuaries and a unique bird boulevard. So you have a chance to see the most beautiful birds here. Birds can be found all year round, but especially during bird migration, you will find the most special birds on the island. So what are the best locations for bird watching? We give tips. And don't forget to bring your binoculars!

1. The Mok Baai

The Mokbaai is located in the south of Texel and is an area frequented by many birds, especially at low tide. At high tide there are especially many shorebirds. Our tip: join an excursion to De Mokbaai and De Geul by Staatsbosbeheer and learn all about the birds and plants you will encounter.

2. Eierlandse Dunes

In the north of Texel are the Eierlandse Duinen. This is a wonderful place for bird-watching. The small woods and dry and wet dune grasslands make it the ideal place for birds. Stop by the Bird Information Centre in De Cocksdorp for tips, or top-quality binoculars.

3. Nature centre De Marel and polder Waalenburg

Natuurcentrum De Marel
Natuurcentrum De Marel
Photographer: Rene Pop

Nature centre De Marel is located in Waalenburg. The centre is a nice starting point for a walk. You can get information here about the area or the birds you find there. In Waalenburg, you will especially see many meadow birds such as the black-tailed godwit, lapwing and redshank. You will also see the kestrel, marsh harrier and various swans and ducks. Afterwards, you can visit the centre for coffee and apple pie, or do some shopping.

4. The Slufter

De Slufter is a unique landscape with lots of flora and fauna. At high tide, the creeks in the area overflow and De Slufter floods. Only plants that can survive the salt water grow there, such as sea lavender and sea aster. For birds, it is a very nutrient-rich area. You can spot meadowlarks, gulls and all kinds of shorebirds and waders here.

5. Horsmeertjes

Horsmeertjes Vogelsafari
Horsmeertjes Vogelsafari
Photographer: Leonie Hoever

The Horsmeertjes are located in the south of Texel. They are two shallow small lakes with several bird-watching spots nearby. Birds such as spoonbill, bluethroat and bearded reedling are regularly seen here.

6. The Dennenbos

In the Dennenbos you can enjoy birds and their sounds while walking. Hear the woodpecker ticking? Or maybe a buzzard squawks in the distance? Don't forget to look up! From the Fonteinsnol watchtower you have a great view of the surroundings and the birds in the trees.

7. Along the Bird Boulevard

Viewing point Prins Hendrik Zanddijk
Viewing point Prins Hendrik Zanddijk
Photographer: Leonie Hoever

Along the entire east coast of Texel you can watch birds. This strip is also called the Bird Boulevard. There are several lookout points along the dyke, where you can look out over the Wadden Sea or the bird areas inside the dyke. The viewpoints are wheelchair-accessible.

8. The Muy

The Muy is closed off from seawater and therefore has varied vegetation. The birds know this and reap the benefits. This also makes it a great area for bird-watching. View point the Bertusnol is a place where you have a great view of the dunes and the birds that live there.

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