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6 wheelchair-friendly outings

There are plenty of wheelchair-friendly outings on Texel! We give six tips for wheelchair-accessible outings on the island.

1. Renting a beach wheelchair

On the Texel beach you can hire a cadweazle, also known as a beach wheelchair. This is possible at Paal 20 and 28. At Paal 9 and Paal 28 it is possible to rent a beachhopper. This way, you can ride along the beach and enjoy the fresh Texel sea air. For the wheelchair at Paal 20, please email Reservations at Paal 28 can be made via: 0031 222-316537. Reservations at Paal 9 can be made by sending an email to

2. Accessible museums

Several museums have been made wheelchair accessible. Ecomare, Kaap Skil, Luchtvaart- en Oorlogsmuseum Texel, Maritiem- en Juttersmuseum Flora and Museum Waelstee are wheelchair-friendly. Look here for more information!

3. Wheelchair-friendly walking route

A nice wheelchair-friendly walking route is the Nature Path Alloo walk from the National Park Dunes of Texel. You will be introduced to the nature of the dunes of Texel. This route is 4.5 kilometres long and starts at Ecomare. Would you prefer a slightly shorter walk? Then choose the 2.7-kilometre Family Path Alloo walk.

4. Covered wagon trip

With the Jan Plezier you can take a covered wagon trip. The trip goes through the area of De Muy and De Slufter. An easy step has been made and there is also an extendable ramp. Wheelchairs will be secured. All you have to do is indicate when booking that you are coming with a wheelchair.

5. Boat trip

Sailing around Texel with a view of the Wadden Sea... dreaming away? You can join the shrimp boats TX10 Emmie and TX 44. This is possible with a push wheelchair.

6. Viewpoints

The Slufter has a wheelchair-friendly viewpoint. Instead of taking the familiar stairs, you can climb up via a ramp and enjoy the view. You can also look out over the southern area of the island at Horsmeertjes. The path to the lookout is 140 metres long and has a slope of 1:20. There are several resting places along this path and you can easily pass each other. Want even more information about the lookouts? Take a look at this page.

More information

Looking for more nature for disabled people? Take a look at this page. Or maybe you are looking for accommodation suitable for disabled people? Then take a look at this page.

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