Yoga op het strand met zonsondergang VVV Texel

12 x detoxing on Texel

A few days on Texel means rest, attention to each other, long walks on the beach and wonderful cycling through nature. Reset yourself and recharge your batteries with these detox tips!

Detox checklist

Texel is the place to relax and start fresh for the new year or new goals. Make use of the Detox checklist and it is guaranteed to be a successful new period!

  1. Relaxing
  2. Pay attention to each other
  3. Take long walks on the beach
  4. Cycling through nature: forests, dunes and countryside
  5. Enjoy 'Wadden wellness' during a visit to one of the many beauty or massage salons
  6. Vitamin D boost: After all, Texel has the most hours of sunshine
  7. Eating healthy fresh home-grown products
  8. Relax together in an island sauna
  9. Experience a unique wellness experience during a 'Woolness treatment'
  10. Strengthen my 'inner self' during a yoga, ayurveda or meditation session
  11. Checking off my bucket list: skydiving
  12. Warm up romantically together in a beach pavilion

Holiday homes with wellness facilities

How about opting for a holiday home or hotel with wellness facilities? See below for the very best detox options.

Hotels with wellness facilities

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