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When is the most beautiful weather on Texel?

Texel's climate is characterised by mild summers and relatively mild winters. And nowhere in the Netherlands do you get as many hours of sunshine as on the island! But which month is best for enjoying lots of sunshine and lovely temperatures on Texel? And when should you come to the island if you want to experience a big storm?


In March, April and May, Texel's nature awakens. The days slowly get longer and warmer. In March, you can perfectly enjoy a quiet walk on the beach, before warming up in one of the beach pavilions. April and May bring milder temperatures. However, the weather can still be somewhat changeable, so it is wise to bring warm clothes as well.

Rainfall is lowest on average in April and May with 44 - 45 mm of rain. So do you like dry and warm? Then come in May! Average maximum temperatures are about 8 °C in March, about 11 °C in April and about 15 °C in May.


The summer months of June, July and August are the most popular time to visit Texel. With average temperatures around 20-25 °C, the beach is the perfect place for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. The long days offer plenty of opportunity for cycling, walking and exploring the various villages and sights. Is there a heatwave in the Netherlands? Then come to Texel, where it will be a lot cooler.

From May to August, you get an average of around 7 - 8 hours of sunshine per day on Texel! The UV index is highest in June and July, so don't forget suncreen. Average maximum temperatures are around 17 °C in June, around 20 °C in July and around 21 °C in August.


If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy the great outdoors, autumn is an excellent choice. Temperatures are still fairly mild in September and early October, allowing you to enjoy walks through the dunes and discovering the beautiful autumn colours in the woods. November can be slightly cooler and rainier, making it a fine month to enjoy Texel's hospitality and cosy cafés. Storm season on Texel falls mainly in autumn and winter. Stormy weather is most likely to occur from October to March. During this period, storms can reach the island from the northwest, west or southwest. Rainfall is highest on average in October and November with 91 - 94 mm of rain. Average maximum temperatures are about 18 °C in September, about 14 °C in October and about 10 °C in November.


Texel in winter has a special charm. Although temperatures are lower, you can still enjoy long walks on the beach and breathe in the fresh sea air. December brings a cosy atmosphere, with festive decorations and Christmas markets. January and February can be bleak, but the peace and quiet of the island make it an ideal time to escape the daily hustle and bustle. As in autumn, you have a chance of strong storms in winter. You are most likely to get snow in January and February. Average maximum temperatures are around 7°C in December, around 6°C in January and around 6°C in February.

When will you come to Texel?

Choosing the best month obviously depends on your personal preferences. If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy mild temperatures, early spring and autumn are ideal. For summer beach activities, sunny festivals and lots of liveliness, June, July and August are the best choice. Want to experience a strong storm? Then come in November or February. Also check the Texel weather forecast in advance to be well prepared for your holiday. And whatever month you choose, we are sure you will enjoy the island, regardless of the season!

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