Sea sparkle on Texel

Do you know those videos of the sea glowing blue? Then you look up where it is. Then the location turns out to be somewhere in the Maldives. Ugh, is way too far anyway! Never fear! Because this blue glow, sea sparkle, also occurs on Texel.

Sea spark

A sea sparkle is an alga that gives off light. When these algae think there is danger, a chemical reaction causes them to glow. When several sea sparks are in the sea together, it gives a magical effect. As if the water is giving light. To give light, however, the alga has to be moving. So sometimes these algae need a push to shine.

When do you see sea sparkle?

You don't see this blue glow just like that. It takes more than just frightened algae. You need tropical weather (30 degrees or higher) with little wind for several days in a row. You may also be able to see the sea spark at 20-25 degrees. Another reason that the sea sparkle is mostly found in summer is because the sea is less wild then, which the algae like better.

Which locations?

It's hard to say exactly where you can see the sea sparkle, but the alga produces a brownish-red colour in daylight. So when you see this colour in the sea, you can come back in the evening to see sea sparkle.

Tip: Search for sea sparkle on Facebook. There are groups, such as Zeevonk bij Texel, where group members post when sea sparkle can be seen.

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