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Art on Texel 2024

Every year during the Art Summer, you can cycle various routes along Texel artists. With these routes along galleries, exhibitions, museums, studios and artists, Texel CultuurEiland highlights the cultural life on the island. It is precisely this variety of galleries, exhibition spaces, artists' studios and special locations that makes the art routes across the island so attractive and convenient for tourists and Texelaars alike.

Three routes

There are three routes this year, which are 'open' on fixed days:

🚲 the Den Hoorn route on Thursdays;
🚲 the route Den Burg, Hoge Berg, Oudeschild on Saturdays;
🚲 the route Oosterend, Oost, Eierland and the North, on Saturdays.


All information about the routes and the participating artists or art locations is included in the beautifully designed guide "Kunst op Texel 2024". The route maps include the artists or locations that are open for at least four months on the fixed route day the period from April to September. Download the guide via the button below. In addition to all the routes, this guide gives a nice overview of the many artists on the island.

More art and culture on Texel

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