12 Balcken spareribs

Recipe: Spare ribs Balcken style from The Twelve Balcken

The spareribs of the Twelve Balcken are, according to hearsay, a 'must have' for many during a Texel visit. This eatery in Den Burg has been using the same (secret) recipe since 1975. We may share the recipe for the 'Spare ribs Balcken style' with you, so that you can also enjoy these spare ribs at home.

Co, owner of the Twelve Balcken: "What makes our spare ribs so special is that they are not actually spare ribs, but crabs as they are called by the butcher. The difference between the two is that with spareribs the meat is between the ribs and with crabs the meat is on top. When our café opened in 1975, they were already prepared on the lava grill. Now before the spare ribs go on grill, they are heated and marinated."

The recipe

For this recipe, order crabs from your local butcher; they will be in stock anyway in winter (are also used for snert). In other seasons, it is smart to order them in advance.


  • Crabs (pork spare ribs), 2 crabs per person
  • Red wine
  • Ketjap
  • Laos
  • Cumin/yinths
  • Onion
  • Bay leaf
  • Optionally: fresh garlic
  • Pan
  • BBQ or grill


Heat a pan with 1/3 water. Add red wine, soy sauce, laos, cumin/djint, onion and bay leaf to the water to taste. Let the marinade boil for a while first, then put on low heat and add the crabs. It is important that the crabs are submerged. Depending on the size, it will take about 1 to 1.5 hours before they are cooked enough. When the meat has shrunk about two centimetres from the bone at the top, it is cooked enough. Let it cool and then grill the spare ribs on the BBQ. If you like it, you can add a little fresh garlic at the end.

Serve the spare ribs, just like at the Twelve Balcken with a fresh mixed salad, fries and mayonnaise.

And for the real holiday feeling... Put the photo below enlarged on your laptop or television while enjoying the spare ribs.


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