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Activiteiten op Texel

Wondering what activities you can do on Texel? On this page, we have collected some tips for activities for you.

Sport in nature

There are many active activities on the island. From running in the dunes to mountain biking in the woods. Check the overview here for inspiration.

Watch the birds

Texel is a real bird island! Along the eastern side of the island, for example, you will find the bird boulevard with various nature reserves. There are also various bird-watching huts and viewing screens where you can watch the birds.

Walk the Sommeltjes path

A walk through the woods for young children, where they can find their own way on the basis of the Sommeltjes. These are earthlings from Texel who, according to old stories, come to life at night. Read more about the route here.

Discover viewpoints

Texel has several places where you can enjoy magnificent views. A well-known spot is the Fonteinsnol viewing tower, where you have a 360-degree panoramic view of the forest and the dunes. Or visit the bunker at Den Hoorn, the stairs at De Slufter, Bertusnol, or the IJzeren Kaap. These points are freely accessible.

Visit Fort de Schans

Walk around the historic fort and enjoy the Texel landscape. A fun, educational and free outing.

Check our agenda for all activities.

More about outdoor activities on Texel

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