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August is all about spoonbills, waders and bird migration

Texel is a popular place for birds to rest in August. The blossoming dune area is a popular spot for many bird species this month.

Birdwatching in August

The dunes are popular now, because of the first berries. Starlings love them, and can be seen in large groups. Alongside the many migratory birds are also the rarities, so there’s a good chance of spotting a barred warbler. They come to the blackberry bushes, to enjoy the first ripe blackberries.

The meadow pipit, stonechat and linnet may still breed late, which is why the green routes in the breeding area are also closed in August. The harriers have hatched and now all fly above the dunes and the adjacent fields.

Spoonbills in De Slufter

Plenty of spoonbills can be seen in the Slufter. From the viewpoint at the end of the Oorsprongweg over the ‘Diepe Gat’ (deep hole), more than 30 spoonbills can frequently be seen! Walking through the shallow water they try to catch small fish and shrimps. They also often wander in the nature reserves within the dykes along the Vogelboulevard. You can see and photograph them well from the road.

Bird migration for the waders

Waders like the dunlin, the curlew sandpiper and the golden plover are on migration. The Slufter is a favourite spot for them. Can’t spot them there? Then take a look at Utopia and the Schorren. Particularly during high tide, thousands of them together seek out the nature reserves along the Wadden Sea.

Bird Information Centre

Would you like to learn more about the various bird types on Texel? All your bird questions can be answered at the Vogelinformatiecentrum in De Cocksdorp, along with tips for the current best bird-viewing sites and excursions.

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