Vd L De Koog Stefan Krofft 2022

Rent a bike in De Koog

Want to hire a bicycle, cargo bike, tandem or electric bike in De Koog? In De Koog, you will find bike rental shops Fietsen op Texel at Nikadel 75 or at Van Der Linde Fietsen De Koog at Nikadel 60.

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Cycling from De Koog

Texel is an island where you can enjoy cycling. From De Koog, you can cycle through the woods or along the dunes to De Slufter. This trip takes less than twenty minutes. A nice breath of fresh air!

Other villages

Would you rather get off in another village? You can also hire bicycles in Den Burg, Den Hoorn, Oudeschild, De Cocksdorp and at the ferry harbour.

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