Fietsen in de duinen VVV Texel fotograaf Justin Sinner

The favorite bike routes of VVV Texel

Looking for a nice cycling route? The employees of VVV Texel like to cycle on the island and share their favorite routes with you here. Get on your bike and experience the real 'Texel feeling':

  • The bike trail along the Wadden Sea: Along the dyke with views of the water to the sound of the waves gently washing against the shore.
  • Waalenburgerdijkje between De Koog and Den Burg: A bike ride along this ancient dyke is quite an experience.
  • The line of dunes between De Koog and Den Hoorn: Allow yourself to be carried away along the undulating cycle paths amidst the quiet countryside.

Cycle around the island

Anita Ran works at VVV Texel’s Front Office and loves to cycle around the island. She says: “There’s an abundance of cycle paths on Texel, and a huge variety of routes! For instance, you can do a ‘Tour de Texel’ along the outer edge of the Wadden Sea dyke, looking out over the Wadden Sea, which is one of my favourite parts. Then you cycle past the lighthouse and through the dunes of De Slufter and De Muy back down again, which shows the island from a completely different angle. If you go still farther south, past De Koog, you get into the dunes and the woods. And the cycle path to Den Hoorn is very lovely too.''

“As well as this trail, I must recommend Waalenburgerdijkje. It’s a wonderful route through farmland, sheltered on both sides and with some benches for resting."

"It’s also fun to ride the Boerenroute, or ‘farmers’ trail’, which, passing De Waal just after Kadijkseweg, leads into the countryside from Laagwaalderweg, then on through De Waal, along Zaandammerdijk and Limietweg to De Koog and along Waalenburgerdijkje.''

“And then there’s the Skillepaadje, from Oudeschild to the Hoge Berg, which is lovely too, just like the whole Hoge-Berg area, in fact.”

Want to hire a bike on Texel?

Found a nice route? You can reserve a bike at a number of companies through our website. They supply electric bikes, mountain bikes, cargo bikes... you name it!

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