Groepsrit met haflingers bij Manege Elzenhof in De Koog VVV Texel

Explore Texel in another way: by horse! There are even various ways for families and inexperienced riders on Texel.

Texel on horseback

You can explore your surroundings at a gentle pace if you go by horse. You can choose from covered-wagons trips, authentic horse-tram rides or go for a horse ride, arranged at one of the island’s riding stables.

A covered-wagon trip

Jan Plezier Texel offers trips in covered wagons around the island. Established in 1928, Jan Plezier is a well-known name on the island and the company’s Flemish draught horses will take you through the dunes, De Muy, De Nederlanden, through the woods and across the beach to De Slufter. The covered-wagon trips leave from De Koog, at the Nikadel bus stop. More information about Jan Plezier.

Outdoor horse riding

What could be better than riding a horse in the great outdoors? A number of riding stables organise group rides to the woods or the beach. Your riding experience will be taken into account when you join the ride; rides along the beach are only suitable for experienced horsemen and women.

More information about horse riding on Texel.

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