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Parachute jumping is one of the things that a lot of people put on their bucket list: "I want to have done it at least once in my life!" It's not surprising, as a parachute jump is an intense and unforgettable experience.

Floating on the wind like a bird means you are literally and metaphorically above and beyond the troubles of everyday life. It's easier than you might think. Even beginners can jump after brief instructions.

For a tandem jump, you will be hooked up to an experienced instructor who will look after the parachuting side of things, leaving you free to enjoy the spectacular views and unique experience. Texel is extremely popular among parachute jumpers. We are happy to explain what the options are.

Parachute jumps on Texel

Paracentrum Texel is famous for its courses, available for all levels. Experienced parachute jumpers like to come here for our specialist programmes and our varied events, while beginners have a great opportunity to jump for the first time with an instructor on a daytrip to the Paracentrum of while holidaying on Texel. You can literally see the whole island and after thirty seconds, the jumpmaster will open an extra large parachute above your head, bringing you down as softly as a feather to the Texel soil below, finishing off with a perfect landing in front of your family and friends. Do you think you have what it takes to try this memorable experience at Paracentrum Texel?

Safe landings on Texel

The Texel Paracentrum has acquired an extremely reliable reputation during the 35 years it's been operating on Texel. No need to worry then when you book the First Jump Course, a basic 1-day programme, which concludes with your first parachute jump. If you want to do a tandem jump, you only need to pay attention to the introductory instructions given by one of the instructors before hopping on the plane. You'll be safely hooked up to your instructor. At 3 kilometres, the door will open and you'll jump out with the jumpmaster for an amazing experience! Book your first jump on Texel now.

For experienced parachute jumpers

If you are an experienced jumper or have jumped before, you have a choice of a range of jump courses on Texel.

Total Jump Experience
You can learn to fly with the parachute with the Total Jump Experience, followed by a foretaste of freefalling.

The Accelerated Freefall Course (AFF)
The Accelerated Freefall Course (AFF), will teach you how to freefall completely independently; two instructors will accompany your jump so that you can make your first jump directly at 4 kilometres. What an experience!

A, B or C level qualifications
The Paracentrum also has a range of classes for experienced parachute jumpers who wish to acquire A, B or C level qualifications.

Instructor's course
And if you are thinking of becoming an instructor, you can take an instructor's course at Paracentrum Texel, including qualifications for tandem jumps and AFF.

What Paracentrum Texel
Where Postweg 128, De Cocksdorp
Costs Tandem jump €199,-

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