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The green routes of Texel

On an island with so much nature, you could say that every walking route is green. But, did you know that there are also special 'green routes'? These are hiking trails in Texel Dunes National Park that you can recognise by posts with a green head or a green pictogram.

Where are the green routes?

The green routes can be found in the Eierlandse Duinen, De Slufter, De Muy, the Westerduinen, behind De Geul and near Ecomare. Walking routes including descriptions can be found on the website of the National Park Dunes of Texel. All green paths are also indicated on the Map of Texel (available in our shop), green-white-striped. They are beautiful walks, but please note that the paths are only open for part of the year.

Green walking trails open

All green trails are open between 1 September and 28 February. So in autumn and winter, you can enjoy hiking there to admire all the natural beauty. Many excursions lead along these paths: for bird watching, among other things. Bring boots if necessary, as green paths often make for adventurous walks. Staatsbosbeheer ensures that any branches sloping over the path have been removed, but otherwise the paths are very natural and count as Texel's somewhat less trodden hiking trails. That makes them extra fun!

Broedende meeuw
Broedende meeuw

Often, some green routes can be accessed earlier. For this, Staatsbosbeheer monitors whether the birds have already finished breeding.The green routes between the Jan Ayeslag and Westerslag and those through De Muy are sometimes opened as early as 1 August. Some paths will be accessible again from 16 August.

Green footpaths closed

Green routes are closed for part of the year. From 1 March to 1 September, green routes are in principle not accessible. This period is the breeding season. For example, a spoonbill colony breeds in De Geul and a gull colony in the Mandenvallei. To give birds peace and quiet, the footpaths are not accessible during the breeding season. Then we let nature take its course.

Alternative walks

If you are on Texel during the breeding season, fortunately there are plenty of alternatives. For small adventurers, for example, there is the Children's Route climb and play. Bird lovers will enjoy the De Muy and De Slufter walking route. You can also enjoy walking on the beach or over the Hoge Berg.

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