Uitzicht over de landerijen naar Den Hoorn VVV Texel

Walks across farmland and meadows

All three walks start from the village square in Den Hoorn and lead across farmland and meadows.

3 special walks

Every route is different and each has its own charm; you will wander along former marine channels, past farmsteads and through vanished villages. You can even take a look inside a traditional Texel sheep pen.

The Wambinghe Walk – 7 km
This circular walks leads along former marine channels and past the disappeared village of Wambinghe, which was first occupied around 100 B.C. and then vanished off the map around 1650 A.D. If you get tired en route, you can take a break in a sheep pen and make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. The route takes in De Bonte Belevenis Estate.

The Skéép and Lantskap Path – 8.5 km
This walk leads along ancient dykes, the views from which will reveal a completely different side to Texel’s farmsteads – the back, in fact. You’ll need to operate the ferry across a broad canal to reach Wezenspyke cheese farm yourself. On the way back, you will cross the yard of biodynamic care farm Novalishoeve.

The Polder Path – 5.5 km
This walk overlaps the Skéép and Lantskap Path for much of the way, passing a former harbour, the disappeared village of Den Horn, which was razed to the ground by Frisian pirates in 1398, and Novalishoeve.

Good to know

During the bird-breeding season, some parts of the walks will have a diversion.

The map of the routes for all the walks is available from VVV Texel and Spar supermarket Goënga in Den Hoorn.

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