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Walk from De Cocksdorp to De Waal along the North-Holland path

From the northernmost tip to the southernmost tip of North Holland, a walking route has been mapped out. This 284-kilometre route traverses the entire province.

The Noord-Holland path has 16 stages and two of them are on Texel. The path starts in De Cocksdorp, where you immediately start the first stage.

About the route

The stage starts north of De Cocksdorp on the Vuurtorenweg. You can get here by public transport (Texelhopper). From the starting point, you walk to the information panel on the Volharding, near the roundabout, but not before having a look at the striking lighthouse. It is the only one in the Netherlands where you can look out over the sea from three sides.

If you want, you can climb the 118 steps. Enjoy the sea and the beautiful skies for a while, then continue walking to the Eijerlandse polder. Take a well-filled rucksack with you, as there are no places to eat or drink along the way.

Only on the Hollandseweg will you pass IJsboerderij Labora, and further down the road residents have set up a little wooden house. Here you can make your own coffee, tea or cup a soup. You cross the Eijerlands Kanaal with a rope ferry. Sometimes sheep farmer Henk is there to help you, but otherwise you can very well do it yourself.

Typical Texel nature and beer

Now you continue walking over several kilometres-long grass dike full of Texel sheep. As soon as they see you coming they move aside. Further on is Waalenburg nature reserve, the oldest meadow bird sanctuary in the Netherlands. Here you can enjoy unique protected nature, with meadow birds and special flowers.

You walk through colourful meadows with orchids, great rattle and cuckoo flowers. A piece of typical Texel nature. You continue walking for the final stretch to the village of De Waal. A beautiful village with a special church, characteristic houses, a nice museum about the history of Texel and a few nice terraces. A good place to end the day with a Skuumkoppe, a real Texel beer.

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