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Walks in the dunes

A walk through the vast dune area on Texel is a real must. The high nature values there can't be found anywhere else in the Netherlands. Enjoy the rolling landscape and the salty sea air.

National Park

Walkers are spoilt for choice in the Dunes of Texel National Park, which spans the entire west side of the island. The many walks possible are indicated by short posts with coloured tops. Each colour has its own meaning:

Yellow = through route
Blue = circular route
Red = nature path
Green = access limited to outside the nesting season

At the starting points for the various walks - often a car park - you will find information boards. These indicate the length of the walk in question, amongst other things. You will find a small box containing information brochures here too. Alternatively, you might like to download a brochure from this website.

Shaggier inhabitants

In some spots, you will encounter the island's shaggier inhabitants: wild horses and Scottish Highland cattle. They thrive on Texel, eating everything delicious that grows and blooms in the Texel dunes, and keep the vegetation under control at the same time. Keep well away from them: then they won't bother you and you won't bother them.

Enjoy a wonderful walk through the dunes on Texel!

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