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Texel’s souvenirs

In our VVV Texel shop, you’ll find the very best mementoes, which range from Texel skincare products to genuine Texelliefde tea! But we also have cuddly toys, books and the famous sheep and rabbit “droppings” (Texel dropjes, traditional liquorice sweets). Drop by our shop or take a look at our online store

Texel skincare products

This autumn, pamper your hands and feet with Texelana skincare products, whose range includes hand balm, healing cream and pure lanolin. Bars of Texel guest soap, made with genuine Texel sheep’s milk and scented exclusively with plant-based aromas, make lovely gifts too. 

Tea brewed with love

In our VVV Texel shop, the one and only Texelliefde tea is exclusively available from our VVV Texel shop. Enjoy this special tea, which is flavoured with things like rose petals and pieces of papaya. 

Texel stories

Why not enjoy exciting stories of Texel when you are back home too? In our shop, we have the best books about the island, with stories told by former lighthouse keepers, beachcombers and heroes at sea. 

Drop by our shop or take a look at our online store


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