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Tips for a sustainable stay on Texel

Do you agree that we should be careful with Texel? Then read our 10 tips for a sustainable stay. Also fun: together with Bosma Slapen en Meer, we are giving away beautiful fleece plaids featuring the icon of Texel during the winter months: the lighthouse. Want a chance to win these? Then fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

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On Texel, we think sustainability and the climate are important. We want everyone to be able to continue enjoying the island for as long as possible. Will you help?


10 tips for a sustainable stay

1. Use water carefully
Don't leave the tap on unnecessarily and shower briefly, or take a dip in the sea instead!

2. Do not set the thermostat higher than necessary
Turn it down in time in the evening or when going out. Extra warming tip: go and cuddle lambs at Texel Sheep Farm!

3. Close doors and windows when it is cold outside
Still want to enjoy the fresh air? Take a revitalising walk on the beach!

4. Light the rooms only if there is someone present
Maybe not all the lights need to be lit even there? After all, the less light, the more romantic.

5. Have a 'leftovers day' on holiday
This is how to avoid foodwasting.

6. Instead of taking the car go cycling
This is sustainable, but above all good for your health. And you will enjoy the beautiful countryside the most by cycling.

7. Charge your car properly
Never charge your electric car via the accommodation's power socket. This is unsafe, takes longer and incurs extra costs.

8. Use Texel's public transport
Take the regular bus if you want to go to the ferry, De Koog or Den Burg and book the Texelhopper for other destinations.

9. Shop locally
On Texel you can shop in abundance at local entrepreneurs. Woolen socks, Texel flower bulbs, art... Try local products too. Saline vegetables, fruit from the Food Forest and delicacies from roadside stalls.

10. When you leave your home, do so wisely
Before leaving, check that you have unplugged appliances. This way, these appliances do not use energy unnecessarily. You can use a timer to leave a light on in the evening to protect against burglars. Turn off the thermostat or set it to holiday mode.

Win a Texel fleece blanket


Would you like to sleep at home and on holiday under this lighthouse fleece plaid from Bosma Slapen en Meer? Fill in the form below. In November, December, January, February and March, we will raffle off these lovely blankets.

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