De Texelstroom vaart de haven van Texel uit VVV Texel

Traffic information for Texel

Road closure, works or boat malfunction? Find up-to-date traffic information for Texel here. For more information and details, visit

⚠️ Work on Postweg

The Postweg between Slufterweg and Hollandse weg is temporarily closed for traffic. Traffic will be diverted via the Hoofdweg. The detour - also for bicycle and moped traffic - will be indicated by yellow signs. Residents can still access their homes or businesses. Traffic to and from the boat should allow be an extra 10 minutes driving time. See also the map.

⚠️Diversion of bicycle traffic

The cycle paths in and around Pine Grove will be improved from early November until spring 2023. This involves the exposed cycle paths along Rozendijk between Catharinahoeve and Bakkenweg, Botgrasweg and Randweg. The cycle path between Mokweg and Stolpweg will also be renewed. The diversion will be signposted.

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