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Young seals on Texel

Going to Texel and would love to be showered with cuteness? Then you'll probably want to know more about seal pups and where best to see them!

Young seals

Common seals are born in summer and grey seals in winter. They stay on the beach until they learn to swim. The seal pups cannot swim yet because of their thick fur. During this time, the mother searches for fish and makes sure the young seal grows quickly. From November, you can spot the first seals on the tidal/mud flats or on the beach. Other ways to see seals is via a seal tour or by going to Ecomare.

Seal tours

To see these cute creatures, you can join one of the many boat trips. such as De Vriendschap, De Rival, Anna, TX10 Emmie and TX20 Walrus, TX44, Het Sop, De Vrijheid, and Bruuzer. So plenty of choice! During these trips, you will be taken to a sandbank where the seals prefer to hang out. If they feel like it, they sometimes want to swim close to the boat!


Want to see the young seals even closer? Then you can go to Ecomare. There, seals are taken in by seals who have lost their mothers or are weakened by illness and therefore cannot look after themselves. When they are well again, they are released on the Texel beach or on a sandbank in the Wadden Sea.

To see these seals up close, you have several options during your visit to Ecomare. These include feeding the seals at 11AM and 15:30PM. During the feeding, you will be told all kinds of things about the seals living in Ecomare. For the extra activities, check Ecomare's website.

Beware with dog!

Before letting your dog loose on the beach, it is important to watch out for seals. If dogs notice a seal, there is a risk of them biting the seal. It is also important to keep a distance of at least 30 metres. This way you avoid spreading diseases.

Young seals in need

See a seal on the beach? If so, keep your distance. Can you see from a distance that the seal is in bad shape and are worried about the pup's welfare? Then it is advisable to call Ecomare on 0222-317741.

Main photo: Nick Hijmensen

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