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5 x an adrenaline rush on Texel

Fancy an adrenaline rush? Here are five tips for true daredevils.

1. Skydiving

A tandem jump or learn to skydive yourself? This is possible at Paracentrum Texel. You can choose from a jump of 7000 ft, 9000 ft or 13000 ft. Certified jumpers can also come to Paracentrum Texel. Do you find this too exciting, but want to enjoy the beautiful island from above? Then Tessel Air's sightseeing flight is probably for you.

2. Blokarting

Sailing over the beach at a speed of over 60 km/hour, now that is cool! You will find real action during blokarting. Agility is also important. At low tide and at least 11 knots of wind it is possible to blokart. This is possible at Paal 17 and at Paal 28.

3. E-foiling

Surfing above the water with the wind in your hair. In e-foiling you stand on an electrically powered surfboard. It is certainly a challenging sport, but what could be more fun than floating above the waves?

4. Fast boat ride

Rushing across the sea at a brisk speed with the salt on your cheeks. That's what you get when you get on the rib boat at Bruuzer or at Sop-Speedy. At 75 mph and a whopping 350 horsepower, the adrenaline comes to the surface here too.

5. Karting

Is there a real Max Verstappen in you? Take the challenging bends at high speeds and skim over the asphalt at 70 km/h at Karting Texel. An outdoor track with 10 corners where you can really let your hair down. Ready for take-off?

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