Sporten in het bos De Dennen VVV Texel

6 tips for sports on Texel

Do you like an active vacation or want to exercise? Then Texel is also the place to be. We give 5 tips for sports on Texel.

1. Hiking

Enjoy walking with your family or on your own. The Texel landscape is varied and therefore never boring to walk. Popular hiking spots are De Slufter, De Muy and De Dennen around the Fonteinsnol. But also Waalenburg, De Hors and the Noordpunt are beautiful. Plenty of choice!

2. Cycling

What could be better than the wind in your hair while cycling through a beautiful landscape? There are 77 cycle junctions on Texel and you can of course create your own route, but there are also nice routes mapped out.

3. Horseback riding

A nice breath of fresh air, but just a little different. You can enjoy horseback riding on Texel. There are many bridle and bridle paths and of course you can make beautiful forest and beach rides. At Manege Elzenhof you can make beautiful rides.

4. Surfing

At Surfschool Foamball and Surf Center Paal 9 you can surf perfectly. Would you like a surf lesson? Or have you surfed before and want to rent surfing equipment? Then you are most welcome here.

5. Swimming

You can also swim well on Texel. There are several swimming pools. Go to one of the indoor pools or in summer to the outdoor pool in Den Burg. In addition to the swimming pools, there is of course the fresh sea! Before you take a dip in the sea, check out our tips on safe swimming in the sea.

6. Boxing

Overcoming your fears or building more self-confidence? Then try a therapeutic boxing workshop with Dries de Winter. This workshop is a combination of a coaching session and boxing. This way, you are working on body and mind.

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