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With teenagers on Texel: 5 tips

Having fun on holiday with your adolescents ? Getting them moving can be a challenge. That is why we give you some tips that guarantee success.

1. Sports at sea

What could be more fun than being active on the water of the North Sea on a beautiful summer's day? The Texel coast is perfect for water sports. Your adolescent can have a great time kite surfing, surf kayaking or surf rafting. Does your adolescent want to learn to surf? You can at Surfschool Foamball and Surf Center Paal 9.

2. Laser gaming

Getting the adrenaline pumping during the holidays? In the dark laser game hall at De Krim, your teenager can compete with his brother, sister or holiday friend.

3. To the cinema

Need to relax for an afternoon? Then a visit to the only cinema on Texel is a good idea. At Cinema Texel, there is sure to be a film your adolescent will enjoy. While enjoying the necessary snacks, of course.

4. Climbing course

Does your adolescent want to push his limits? In the climbing park at holiday park De Krim, your teenager can enjoy climbing and clambering.There are four courses at 4 or 8 metres high. In the climbing park, you can also zip-loop, free-fall or climb and stack a crate. Maybe you dare to do it yourself?

5. Ride the waves

Adventure guaranteed during a RIB sailing trip with the Bruuzer or the Sop-Speedy from the port of Oudeschild. With a top speed of 75 kilometres per hour, these trips are only for the very bravest adolescents. If you are lucky, you will see seals during the trip.

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