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Surf kayaking and surf rafting

Rafting on Texel? There may be no white-water river or course on the island, but the North Sea provides all the necessary excitement!

Rafting on the North Sea

Along the Texel coast, you can go surf kayaking and rafting with Texel Active or Zandbank Texel. This involves running into the sea with a raft or kayak and paddling through the waves of the North Sea. Once past the surf, you wait for a great wave to ‘surf’ back to the beach. The higher the waves, the more spectacular the ride!

Whereas in surf kayaking you rely on your own muscle power, surf rafting also requires teamwork. Both activities make for a great group outing. In the summer holiday, you can also surf kayak and raft without a group at Paal 9 and Paal 17.

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