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Experience the island differently! Via Texel Excursies you will find the best excursions on Texel. About the nature, culture, farmland, villages and history of the island. Finding an excursion The Texel Excursies excursion platform contains (almost) all excursions that are given on Texel. You can easily search by date or theme. The offer includes birding excursions, cycling excursions, historical excursions, sightseeing flights and boat trips. You can also filter for excursions that are wheelchair accessible. For each excursion it is indicated whether people in wheelchairs and people with walking difficulties can join. Some excursions, such as those about orchids or the lamb walk, are only available in certain seasons. Other excursions are organized year round. Tickets for a number of excursions, such as the Biertour XL, are available via this website, view our agenda via 'What's on'. There is more... On the website you will also find other activities and the possibility to request a tailor-made excursion. Texel Excursion also organizes company outings and team outings for groups. In addition, there is a webshop full of fun items such as gift cards with which you can gift someone a great experience!


Marelstraat 14

1791 XV Den Burg

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Texel Excursies has no visiting address, shop or counter. But the website is open 24 hours a day!

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