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Walks in the woods

The varied nature to be found on Texel means that you can enjoy walks through the dunes, across the beach and through woodland too. There are two big woodland areas on Texel: the Dennenbos and the Krimbos.

Enjoying the Texel woodland

Various walking routes are possible through the woodland; hours of wonderful walks are guaranteed. On your walks, you might like to take a break at a picnic table or rest a little on one of the many benches. You will find various observation points throughout the woodland, all giving you wonderful views of the vast natural beauty that Texel has to offer. One of the most well-known observation points on the island is the lookout tower on the Fonteinsnol (a low dune). In the woods, woodland play areas have been created for the children, where they can tire themselves out playing and building huts. Don't forget the barbecue area either. It's the ideal place to prepare meat and enjoy eating around the fire.

Whatever the season

In the summer, the wood is cool and refreshing. When the weather is less good, it offers protection against the elements. Autumn is the ideal time for a woodland walk. At this time of year, the woodland takes on the feel of a still life, with its gold-coloured leaves and wild mushrooms and toadstools. However, the woodland walk is always enjoyable: whatever time of year you visit Texel.

Footpaths through the woodland

Tens of footpaths and routes take you straight through the woodland on Texel. You can choose to do a marked out route or a route of your own choice. Sometimes a walk will involve a soft woodland path, but you might want to do a walk on hard-surface paths too. These paths mean that even the less mobile can still enjoy a walk through the woodland.

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