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Sailing and surf boarding

Texel is one of the best places for water sports in the Netherlands - an island surrounded by water has innumerable possibilities. It's not surprising that the largest catamaran event in the world, the Round Texel Race, is held here every June.

Water fun

Everybody who loves water sports is welcome on Texel. Both beginners and experienced sports lovers can explore Texel from the water. Why not hire a catamaran or take surfing lessons at one of the island's surf schools?

Catamaran sailing

If you have always wanted to try sailing a catamaran, Texel's catamaran sailing school De Eilander offers you that chance. You can go on a group trip or take a course of lessons, while experienced catamaran sailors can hire a catamaran at De Eilander.


Surf's up on Texel: You probably won't be surprised to hear that Olympic medal winner Dorian van Rijsselberghe was born and bred on Texel, as Texel is a veritable paradise for surfers! 


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