Stel op de boot VVV Texel

Affordable travel to Texel by ferry

Are you coming to Texel for a few days soon? What a wonderful prospect. With these travel tips, the crossing is extra cheap. A good start to your holiday!

How much does a ferry crossing to Texel cost?

A crossing to Texel is not that expensive. This year, a return ticket with car costs € 39.00. That is the price for vehicles up to 6.5 m long, including bike rack, and maximum 9 passengers. And motorbikes only pay € 11.50. The ferry service is committed to affordable rates for its users. Therefore they haven’t increased their rates for several years.

You can make the crossing to Texel even more affordable with our three clever tips:

1. Choose off-peak travel
Ferry operator TESO (Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming) offers a lower price if you depart from Den Helder on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. On these days, you pay € 26.00 for a return ticket. The price of the ticket is determined by the outward journey, you can make the return journey on whatever day you like.

2. Leave the car behind!
If you leave the car behind and make the crossing as a foot passenger, you pay € 2.50 per person. If you take your bicycle or motorbike, you pay an extra € 5.00.

3. Travel to Texel more than once
Are you planning on visiting Texel more than once (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to do just that)? Then how about a multiple-return ticket? This year, a 5-return ticket with car costs € 124.00. That is € 24.80 per return! There is also the even cheaper option of the 15-return ticket.

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For more information and current travel times check the website of TESO

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