Corona measures on Texel

Ferry to Texel

The anticipation of a holiday is often at least as much fun as the stay itself. Your Texel holiday already begins on the ferry. The day-to-day stress simply slips off your shoulders. The time to relax has arrived! Relax during the crossing, and be transported to the island of peace and space. The seagulls will join you. The salty tang of the sea, the wind in your hair. It’s almost a shame the crossing to Texel only takes 20 minutes! 

The ferry to Texel sails every day. You can make the crossing as a pedestrian or cyclist. Are you coming by car or motorbike? That’s also fine, and at the ferry assembly area a traffic supervisor will show you the way. It’s not necessary to book.

Do you want to take the ferry to Texel? Book your stay here!

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