Veerboot onderweg naar Texel VVV Texel

Sustainable Texelstroom ferry

The Texelstroom is the newest flagship of ferry operator TESO. The ship was put into service in September 2016 and is much praised for its stunning design and innovative technology.

This makes the Texelstroom the first ferry in Europe to be able to run on a combination of sustainable energy sources: compressed natural gas, green shore-side power and solar power generated on board. As a result, the ship is extremely sustainable to operate.

Green sailing

Because the technology is so advanced and because there was no regulation yet in inland shipping for the use of this clean fuel, it took until July 2017 before TESO could switch to CNG.

One of the best passenger ships in the world

During the Ferry Shipping Conference 2017, TESO received the Shippax Award for the Texelstroom: ‘A best-in-class hybrid ferry: she is cleaner, more sustainable and more cost-efficient than any other similar ferry’. What’s more, according to the authoritative magazine Marine Log, as a passenger on the Texelstroom, you are sailing on one of the best passenger ships in the world: ‘The Texelstroom is not just a mode of transportation, but, because of the way it was built and the technology, a destination in itself.’

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